Could free agent aggressiveness make current Packers cap casualties?

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WBAY) - Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst reiterated Wednesday that he plans to be very aggressive when the free agent signing period begins next month. Right now the Packers have just over $19 million in cap space, that ranks 26th. It's not bad, but it may prohibit them from being very aggressive. So the first place to look (for cap space) is high-priced veterans. 3 WR's are going to have cap hits above $10 million. That makes Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb targets. And then there is 31-year old LB Clay Matthews, with a cap hit of just over $11 million. Easy targets. But not easy decisions.

“I'll say this, we have some really good players,” Gutekunst said. “We don't want to let them walk about of the door. It's hard enough in this league to find them. We certainly wouldn't want to let then walk out of the door. It's a big puzzle. And everything effects everything else. As we go through it, and the information comes in, and we get closer to the free agent market, we'll have an idea of what is out there and what we can do. It's about the team, and trying to field the strongest team that we can.”

With free agency looming, Gutekunst will keep in mind words of his predecessor, who always pointed out that the Packers are in a small market, so even though you may want to be aggressive, you have to be cautious.