Clutch Koenig faces kryptonite at MSG

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MADISON, Wis. (WBAY) - The Badgers beat #1 Villanova. That creates confidence.

But their Sweet 16 opponent, Florida, is flying high after beating Virginia by 26 to advance.

The Badgers will lean on their 11th-ranked scoring defense Friday in that game. They've held opponents to less than 62 points per game this season.

The defense has always been there and the offense has caught up in the tourney. That has made a huge difference.

Senior Bronson Koenig has individually increased his scoring by 8 points per game in the NCAA Tournament.

But... Koenig doesn't have fond memories playing at this week's destination, Madison Square Garden.
In 3 career games at the Garden, Koenig has shot only 33 percent, and just 24 percent from deep.
“I thought it was just a little bit of nerves or something,” Koenig said. “That Rutgers game was definitely like… where you forget how to shoot. So I'm looking to redeem myself after that for sure."