Bucks first round draft pick has $3.71 to his name, no really

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Milwaukee Bucks first-round draft pick Donte DiVincenzo has missed three NBA Summer League games in Las Vegas with a groin injury.

And he won’t be spending much time on the Vegas gambling floor. DiVincenzo’s teammate D.J. Wilson posted a photo to his Instagram story early Tuesday of DiVincenzo’s bank account.

Every day checking account: $2.68.
Savings account: $1.03
Total: $3.71

Wilson’s caption was a simple “LOL, @Divincenzo10 Life is boutta change.” DiVincenzo is one of three first-round draft picks who have yet to sign their rookie contract according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The NBA Rookie Scale according to Real GM has the “Big Ragu” projected to make $2,067,500 in his first year.

Bucks rookie forward Donte DiVincenzo shows off his bank account. All $3.71 of it.