Bianchi brothers among Two Rivers trio headed to state ranked #1

TWO RIVERS, Wis. (WBAY) - Two Rivers has three wrestlers favored to win wrestling titles at state this weekend.

“Having three guys #1, it's just the practice partners are just two more guys that are on your level and they help you get better every day,” said senior Cody Holmes.

“ feel great going into state so when I go out there I feel I'm going to give my best effort and it will pay off,” said sophomore Matty Bianchi.

“As the years go on, you get more comfortable going to the Kohl Center,” said senior Joey Bianchi.

Another year, and another bevy of Bianchi’s going to state..

And with Regional and Sectional wins over Lux-Casco's Bryce Bosnian, little brother Matty avenged big brother Joey's 3 state championship match defeats from prior years.

“It's exciting because I have watched him over many years,” Matty said. “I was like, if I was out there, that wouldn't happen. Now I finally get the opportunity to show it. It was pretty exciting for me and brought some joy to Joey.”

“He's been working really hard and he's not nervous whatsoever, he believes that his training is going to bring him to the championship,” said Joey.

Joey, Matty, and their older brothers have now combined to make 11 state appearances. So the Bianchi's know a thing or two about big match wrestling. Specifically Matty knows it will be tough to beat 3-time defending state champ Bryce Bosman a third time this season.

“I think going against anybody a third time you have to expect him to show up with something else,” Matty said. “Me personally, I think I can do it again. I feel even better after Sectionals, like I definitely have him now.”

He knows, because he studies a lot of film.

“I watch a total of probably about an hour of film on other guys per day,” Matty said.