An athlete's approach amid COVID-19

Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 5:20 PM CDT
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The Coronavirus shut down sports all around the world.

The pandemic canceled events and postponed seasons leaving athletes without their sport.

"I think the first thing we would tell athletes to do is accept that this is happening," Dr. Alan Chu, Chair of the sports, exercise and performance at the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, said. "The first initial reaction is usually denial."

Chu added facing this challenge with the mentality of an athlete should help individuals overcome what they've lost whether that be a tournament at the end of a season, an entire season or a chance at the Olympics even.

Chu explained keeping a routine during this time is beneficial to everyone, not just athletes. However, for athletes, visualization is a great tool to stay sharp in your field of sport.

"They can practice how to dribble, how to pass," Chu said. "When we talk about visualization people think it's just visual, but it's all the senses."

Chu said it's a great time for athletes to step up and be a role model in society.

In addition, Chu has made videos to discuss and give tips about sports Psychology. Those can be found here: