Adams eyes even more improvement coming off stellar season

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Green Bay Even though he missed the finale last year, Davante Adams finished 2018 just 1 catch and 134 yards shy of single-season franchise records.

And now, Adams is ready to learn the in's and out's of Matt LaFleur's system hoping to get even better.

“I mean it is complex,” Adams said. “There is a lot to it. But it's nothing that we can't handle. It's really early still so we are still getting a good feel for how we are running certain routes.”

“He sets the tone for the group,” LaFleur said. “His energy spills over to everybody on the offensive side of the ball. He's got a mentality about him. I love it. He is a dog. He is a fighter. He elevates the play of everybody around him.”

As good as Adams is, he loves to learn more. And that's why he loves the hands-on approach of new coach Matt LaFleur. Between plays LaFleur will be seen running over to a player to impart some wisdom before the next play is called.

“We talked about it, like, 'Hey I am the most coachable guy out here, so if there is anything you see in the route that I run, I want you to make sure that you let me know,’” Adams said. “Because I want to perfect it as much as possible. Obviously the young guys watch the way that I do things and want to emulate that. So if I am doing it wrong, and they let it slide just because of who I am, and then they go out there and do the same thing that isn't right, I feel like that's not right. So I do whatever I can to be open with him so he can be open with me and feel like he can coach me up at any point.”