Aaron Rodgers placed on injured reserve, team rallies for end of the regular season

GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WBAY) The Packers announced Tuesday that Aaron Rodgers has been placed on injured reserve, ending his season. The team has re-signed their third string quarterback, Joe Callahan, to take his place on the 53-man roster.

“I mean, he's [Aaron Rodgers] not happy about it,” Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said. “You know, it's a hard day for him. I mean this is not the way, I don't think any player wants to see any season come, you know the conclusion of a season being on IR.”

A few of reasons the packers opted to end Aaron Rodgers season early are the 3 sacks he took against the Panthers and the soreness that followed.

“We all understand, appreciate, and respect his competitive spirit, but we felt as an organization this was in his best interest,” Coach McCarthy said.

It's also in the best interest of the rest of team and the coaching staff who still have to prep for the Vikings.

“Saturday night it's a division game still. None of us like where we are—angry disappointed—you know, all those emotions are part of our climate today [Tuesday] here, but I expect and I demand our team to go out there and win the game,” Coach McCarthy said.

For a team with seemingly nothing left to play for, the Packers were able to come up with a few good reasons to power through these last two games of the season.

“Play for each other,” Packers guard Lane Taylor said. “Play for ourselves, you know, you still have teammates depend on you to do your job so go out there and play for your teammates.”

“People are still playing for jobs,” Packers outside linebacker Nick Perry said. “You know, people still want to make sure that they're giving their absolute best going into the next year.”

“Uhh, Minnesota is it, think Minnesota it’s first round bye they're trying to get,” Packers cornerback Davon House said. “So, if we can beat them that'd be good, but I mean, yeah they did hurt Aaron [Rodgers] and we have lost to them already, so why not beat them?”

This will be the second time this season the Packers will try to beat Minnesota with Brett Hundley under center.