Aaron Jones ready to star in LaFleur's new Packers offense

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Running back Aaron Jones is ready for his starring role in Matt LaFleur's new-look Packers offense. But he isn't tooting his own horn. His teammates are more than glad to do it for him.

“He’s not afraid to put his head down and run up the middle,” said right tackle Bryan Bulaga. “I think he showed that pretty clear last year. He had a lot of big run between the tackles and not just bouncing it outside. He does a lot of great things that not a lot of backs in the league can do. I think if you look at what he has put on tape, it's a lot of good stuff.”

The good stuff? Will start to be shown in camp when pads come on. It's shoulder pads only on Saturday and then full pads scheduled for Sunday's work.

“You will see a difference in the run game when the pads come on,” Jones said. “It gives the running backs, and linemen, and tight ends an advantage when they can use their hands and drive and do different things.”

While Aaron Jones has not gotten to highlight his running acumen so far in camp without the pads, he has been able to show off his hands. He worked hard in the offseason to improve that part of his game, knowing how much Matt LaFleur loves to highlights backs in the passing game.

“I've done a lot of work,” Jones said. “He is going to be putting me out there at wide receiver and using me in different ways in the passing game. I have to be ready. I am confident in my hands and am going to continue to work them and be ready when my number is called. I feel like it fits me very well. Run the ball and get the back involved in the pass game? Ask any back, they love to be involved in both.”

LaFleur has already shown in camp he will split backs out wide, and play skill position players at every position.

“We have the same play out of 21 that we have out of 13 that we have out of 11,” Jones said. “You just have to listen to both the play and personnel group. A different player could be in that spot every time. So I definitely think it keeps guys on their toes.”

For those new to the lingo, 21 simply means 2 backs and 1 tight end, 13 then would be 1 back, 3 tight ends and so on.