Aaron Jones' pass catching could be X-factor for Packers' offense

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Aaron Rodgers goes from conquering one of his most respected foes in Mike Zimmer to preparing for another, Vic Fangio.

The long-time 49ers and Bears coordinator now heads up Denver's horses.

But Rodgers' secret weapon this week could be… leaning even more on the pass-catching skills of running back Aaron Jones, who rushed for over 100 yards last week, but also showed off his hands to great effect.

“I feel like I bring a little versatility, especially when you get a linebacker on a running back,” Jones said. “That is usually a mismatch. Any time you are able to expose that matchup you want to do so in the pass game.”

Oh he's helping, and Rodgers knows it.

“He's got fantastic hands,” Rodgers said.

Jones caught 4 balls as it was, but he almost had a game-clincher on a perfectly-ran wheel route follow Kevin King's interception.

“He has great ball skills,” Rodgers said. “That one I should have just laid up a little more. You know he beat them on the wheel route. It was tight coverage by Kendricks, but if I put the ball out there where it should have been it would have been a completion.”

Jones was already pretty proficient as a pass catcher last year, but he spent a lot of time in the offseason honing his skills. It was just as much route-running work as ball drills.

“You can have great hands but run bad routes and you won't be open, so you have to work on both,” Jones said.

“I think he is a really talented player and the sky is the limit for him as far as using him out of the backfield or out wide as a receiver,” said coach Matt LaFleur. “Every game plan dictates a different plan from us. Moving forward you could see him out there. It just depends on the week.

“He is an all-around back, an every down back,” said right tackle Bryan Bulaga. “He does everything really well. He is a smart player. With him and Jamaal out of the backfield, you saw him on the screen, he can be a mismatch on a linebacker as well.”