Zippin Pippin closed due to sensor issue

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Zippin Pippin roller coaster at Green Bay's Bay Beach Amusement Park is closed.

A sign outside the ride says "Ride Under Repair - Do Not Use."

The Green Bay Parks Department says the ride is having a sensor issue.

Workers are doing maintenance to fix it, and we're told they're waiting for a part that should arrive later Friday afternoon. The park hopes to reopen the ride once the part is installed.

The ride's train is in the station and no one was ever stuck on the ride, city workers say.

The city is operating one train of cars on the roller-coaster instead of two this year.

The ride was shut down for two-and-a-half weeks last summer after a set of cars failed to stop and crashed into the train ahead of it. A rider and two park workers were injured.

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