Young hunter bags two deer

LEDGEVIEW, Wis (WBAY) A De Pere 4th grader is off to a deer hunting season he'll likely never forget.

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Nine-year old Henry Byrne has already bagged two deer before many hunters have even stepped foot in the woods.

Henry first started sitting with his dad in the woods three years ago.

"Last year we got a mentor tag and then he was a little nervous, he didn't want to pull the trigger, so this year we got a crossbow and he was super excited," says Ryan Byrne, Henry's dad.

All summer long, Henry practiced with his crossbow.

"Dialed in, at 30 yards he could put three darts like in a tennis ball," says Ryan Byrne about his son's accuracy in practice.

Two weeks ago Sunday, on his grandpa's property in Ledgeview, Henry and his dad headed for their ground blind.

"3 O'clock in the afternoon and we're sitting there swatting mosquitoes and then I looked to my right and I'm like Henry, there's a buck and he's like, you're lying," says Ryan Byrne with a chuckle.

Henry then saw the 8 pointer.

"I want to shoot this, it's going to be my first deer and I really want to shoot it," remembers Henry Byrne of his thoughts at that moment.

"Just as nervous as he was, just shaking, trying to make sure first time using a crossbow nothing went wrong," recalls Ryan Byrne as his son took aim.

At 25 yards, Henry made a perfect shot.

After some proud pictures, Henry was already planning his next hunt, the youth gun hunt last weekend.

"We sat for like 15 minutes and then a little nub buck, nubby buck just came walking out from a corn field and then I got a shot at that one and then I dropped that one too," says Henry Byrne with a smile.

"Super proud of him," adds Ryan Byrne.

Back at school, Henry's friends weren't buying his deer stories.

"I told my teacher to tell them and then she told them and now they believe me," says Henry Byrne.

If you think Henry is done deer hunting for the season, think again.

He says he still has some antlerless tags to fill and he's hooked on hunting.

"Spending time in the woods and enjoying the outdoors," says the nine-year old lucky hunter.