'You get it first:' De Pere Police launch app for use in emergencies

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - We live in an era where we want information at our fingertips 24/7, especially about major incidents or things that affect our safety.

This is one example of what an alert from the De Pere Police Department will look like for people using the You Get It First app.

Now the De Pere Police Department is trying a new way to make that happen.

Officers will be sending the community important information, sometimes right from a scene.

Whether it's a major fire forcing evacuations, a traffic crash closing roads or even an active shooter, De Pere Police have been looking for a better way to alert people of emergencies.

Their solution? An app called 'You Get It First.'

"Seconds. Literally seconds, so if we have a missing child or something like that, we want to get it out to the community, as quick as we can press the button, that information is broadcast throughout the community," explains Community Resource Officer Jedd Bradley.

For anyone who's downloaded the free app, alerts will come directly to their phone in real time.

"They get that information basically broadcast to them; they don't have to go out and find it," says Captain Jeremy Muraski.

Police have and still will post information to Facebook and Twitter, but they think the app is much more effective -- for them and you -- simply because it's immediate.

"You're not going to see it on social media when you get home and you're laying in bed at night, looking at your Facebook and it happened three hours (ago)," says Bradley. "You're going to get it right now."

"To send an alert, our officer in the field, all they have to do is pick out what kind of alert they want to send out, type in their text message as fast as their fingers and thumbs let them do that, and just send it out," explains Muraski, scrolling through the app on his phone.

They can send alerts on things like school lockdowns, plane crashes or police activity you should stay away from, but to make sure people don't ignore messages, police only plan to use it for major incidents and emergencies.

"It's something we're not hoping to use daily," says Muraski. "It's something we're going to try to save for those moments where we have to get that safety information out right now."

Anyone, whether you live, work or just drive through De Pere, can get the app.

There are also some other schools, businesses and local churches you can follow.

Where to download the app for your smartphone:


Android Google Play Store: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Once you download the app, sign up, then find the menu in the top left corner. Click on "Follow", "Government", "City" and hit the "Follow" tab next to De Police Department. It will turn green.