World's Largest Rubber Duck is selfie gold at Nicolet Bank Tall Ships

World's Largest Rubber Duck at Nicolet Bank Tall Ships. WBAY Photo
World's Largest Rubber Duck at Nicolet Bank Tall Ships. WBAY Photo(WBAY)
Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 1:39 PM CDT
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Mama Duck is down.

Friday afternoon, the fan-favorite feature at Nicolet Bank Tall Ships in Green Bay was deflated during strong winds.

The duck wrangler tells us that was an intentional -- they deflated the duck as a precaution. We're told it will likely remain deflated Friday night or until the wind subsides.

Action 2 News viewers sent us video of the duck falling down and trying to blow off its tie-downs.

Nicolet Bank Tall Ships brings in a fleet of awe-inspiring ships to downtown Green Bay. The ships are very majestic, but it's that very large, yellow attraction that will be the sought-after selfie site.

The World's Largest Rubber Duck is an incredibly popular part of Nicolet Bank Tall Ships, which kicked off Friday morning at Leicht Memorial Park.

The ships are magnificent. They're international. They're educational.

"We've got nine tall ships this festival, and they're really from all over the world," says Terry Charles, PMI Management's Senior Manager for Corporate Communications.

Nine ships and a really big rubber duck.

Charles says, "People are asking 'Is the duck coming back? Is the duck coming back?'"

"Mama Duck" last made in appearance at the 2016 Tall Ships. Charles says she was a big hit and organizers wanted to bring her back.

"It becomes the most popular selfie spot for this next weekend, no question," Charles says.

Mama Duck brings joy.

"It's just a happy, unbelievable happy thing people enjoy," says Marc Burr. He's the man known as the Mama Duck Wrangler.

Burr says he never imagined he'd be in charge of wrangling a 61-foot, 15-ton rubber duck.

"How would anybody think that you'd end up with this thing? No, just per chance," Burr says.

It takes a lot of time to inflate Mama Duck.

"A lot of man hours. It takes probably seven-to-eight man hours to get it all up," says Burr.

Two to three hours are spent filling Mama Duck with air. But Burr, and other festival organizers, believe it's time well spent.

"There's just something about a big rubber duck that people are ... it just brings joy, I think," Charles says.

Burr agrees.

"That is probably the most enjoyable part, just watching people smile," Burr says. "Nobody comes up and frowns at it, everybody's always smiling."

Nicolet Bank Tall Ships is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. WBAY is a sponsor.

for tickets and everything you need to know about Nicolet Bank Tall Ships.

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