World War II Veteran celebrates 102nd birthday

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CLINTONVILLE, Wis. (WBAY) - Days before his 102nd birthday, Raymond Arndt, can still play his harmonica.

Action 2 News caught up with the World War II Army Veteran before his special day, just two days before Veterans Day.

"I was drafted," Raymond Arndt said. "There wasn't a choice, but I can say I did my job in the army."

When you've been on this earth as long as Ray has, you have many memories to share.

"We thought that when our parents got to be in their 50's that they were really old, but not today," Arndt said. "None of my family has ever gotten this far."

Ray's wife and three sons have already passed on, but he continues to live for them.

That's why this 102nd birthday is so special.

If you ask Ray what his secret is to a long life, he'll simply tell you it's keeping busy.

"I watch the news on TV and I do a little reading and I like to read the good books and stuff like that," said Arndt.

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