World War II POW receives long overdue military burial

MENOMINEE, Mich. (WBAY) - A prisoner of war receives a long overdue military honor.

Roger Anderson, a prisoner of war during World War II, who died in 2000, received a military burial at Riverside Cemetery in Menominee, Mich., on August 25, 2017 (WBAY photo)

World War II veteran Roger Anderson passed away 17 years ago.

He was mistakenly laid to rest in a Menominee, Michigan, cemetery without his family there.

Late in life, Anderson had started to share the stories about the horrors he experienced and overcame in World War II, a prisoner of war captured during the Battle of the Bulge.

"Just a lack of food, lack of water, lack of sanitary conditions. He lost a great deal of weight. Doctor told him when he came home that we would never father children, so four kids later..." says daughter Mary Croft.

On the first day of this century, Anderson passed away.

"Through some kind of misunderstanding, while we were having our luncheon after the service, the church service, they brought him out here and buried him, none of us were here so there was no military burial. For 17 years I've been just very upset about this, bothered me all this time."

A few months ago, after seeing a story about a World War I veteran receiving a long overdue military burial, Croft contacted Congressman Mike Gallagher's office with her father's story.

Friday at Riverside Cemetery, with his grandson in town to join the local honor guard, Roger Anderson received his military burial.

"Yeah, very emotional, it's a great honor," says Army Sgt. Todd Capen, Anderson's grandson.

"My dad and others like him, they fought for our country. There were heroes, guys that are in the military now are heroes, and they all deserve our love and respect because what they're doing allows us to do things like this," says Croft.

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