Work on arena for Oshkosh D-League team on schedule

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY)- The new D-League team for the Milwaukee Bucks officially has a name:

The Wisconsin Herd will play in Oshkosh starting this November.

On the site of the former Buckstaff Furniture Company, the shell of the arena for the newly named Wisconsin Herd basketball team is undergoing an ambitious construction schedule in order to be ready this fall.

Greg Pierce is the president of the Oshkosh Arena. He said, "We meet regularly with the builders, and the builders say based on the breaks we've had with the weather where we're at right now we should be able to be on time. The issue is between now and August, do we have anything that happens with weather that could slow us down -- but so far so good."

Once it's built, the new arena will have seating for 3,500 people.

It's also expected to host other events, including sports tournaments and conventions.

Jason White, CEO of the Greater Oshkosh Development Corporation, said, "We're gong to have people across the state coming to our community, experiencing our quality of life, our downtown, maybe considering moving here, considering doing more business here. I think that's really exciting for us in addition knowing the season is right around the corner as well."

Right now there's no logo for the Herd, but something will be unveiled later this month.

"It's nice to be able to identify it instead of being the Milwaukee Bucks D-League team. The Wisconsin Herd is a great name. We identify with the parent and our home team back in Milwaukee, and we're really excited to be able to go by something," said Pierce.

The league is expected finalize the season schedule sometime in August. That's when the team should know for sure when the first home game will take place.

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