Wisconsin utility companies sending workers for Hurricane Irma power restoration

Published: Sep. 11, 2017 at 5:09 PM CDT
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Full utility restoration efforts began in Florida. Florida Power and Light Company provide electricity to 10 million people across half of the state. They’ve called for help from electric workers nationwide.

Wisconsin Public Service and We Energies are some companies sending workers down to Florida.

"WEC Energy Group, which includes WPS as well as We Energies, we've released approximately 200 of our contract employees to be able to respond to help with those restoration efforts down in the southeastern portion of the country," said Matt Cullen, Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson.

Cullen says because the storm took all weekend to rake across the Sunshine State initial damage assessments are just beginning.

"We as a company and the industry as a whole recognizes how vital electricity and power is to people and to all of us you know, whatever walk of life we may be in, so we understand that responsibility and again the entire industry is ready and able to respond," Cullen said.

The Florida Power and Light Company have assembled the largest group of restoration workers in U.S. history, those workers are coming from 30 different states.

With 17,000 workers on the call and counting, utility companies across the country participate in what’s called a mutual aid conference call. The call sets how many workers and what resources to send down. Cullen says a few employees have made their way down to Florida late last week. As of when more workers will be going to Florida still needs to be determined.

“We’re continuing to assess the situation we're continuing to participate in those mutual aid conference calls and we'll assess any request if they do come in and we're poised to be able to respond if and when those requests are made,” Cullen adds.

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