Wisconsin couple believe they drank tainted alcohol in Mexico

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MEXICO -- Rick and Jamie Valeri who own a furniture store in Appleton are speaking out about possibly being drugged at a resort they were staying at in Mexico.

The couple took the vacation in 2015.

Speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, they said they blacked out after a couple of drinks.

"I thought I was dying because I couldn't get out of whatever state of mind I was in. You couldn't wake up. I remember thinking how are my 6 kids going to find out, and what's going to happen to them?" said Jamie Valeri.

"My hands broken, And she was like, oh no no, that doesn't happen here. We've never had anything like that go on," said Rick Valeri.

The Valeris say the hotel ignored their complaints, and they do not plan to go back to Mexico.

Good Morning America's story.

This comes after a Pewaukee woman died mysteriously in Mexico.

Abby Conner, 20, and her 23-year-old brother Austin were both found unconscious and face-down in a pool at a resort in Playa Del Carmen.

Austin suffered a concussion and doesn't remember what happened.

Abby was airlifted to a Florida hospital were she later died.

Mexican authorities ruled her death accidental, but Abby and Austin's family believes they may have been served tainted alcohol.