Wis. sales tax holiday on school supplies starts Wednesday

Published: Jul. 30, 2018 at 3:48 PM CDT
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Back-to-school shopping is in full swing, and shoppers in Wisconsin can get many school supply items tax free starting Wednesday.

It's part of the state's first ever sales tax holiday that runs from August 1-5.

The tax exemption is part of a bill Governor Scott Walker signed into law in April.

Between the typical items and other supplies kids need for a successful school year, the dollars can add up.

"We use coupons, we always are looking around at the ads and seeing what we can find when it's on sale," said Mandy Rinne, a mom and a first grade teacher.

She said the school supply list can get long, meaning lots of running around trying to get the best deals.

She said hearing about the state's sales tax holiday comes as a relief.

"What a great deal to be able to come out on those dates starting on Wednesday and being able to get those things tax free. Especially if you're trying to find those last-minute things on the school supply list, or being a teacher, trying to find those things for my students," said Rinne.

Rinne is shopping local at The Learning Shop in Appleton. The store has all the exempt items in one place.

"We set up a program on point of sale, that identified those items and that will exempt them from sales tax from the first through the fifth," said Lisa Wiegman, a corporate accountant.

Tax free items will include items such as binders, notebooks and glue. Clothing less than $75 is also on the list.

"As a business it's kind of tough to set up. It's a sales tax exclusion that only applies to a couple things, but as an individual it's great I think for the parents to have an opportunity to get a leg up on back to school because it not only includes items we carry, but back to school clothes," said Wiegman.

Electronics, such as desktop computers and tablets are on the list as long as the item is $750 or less.

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