Road crews ready for changes in winter weather

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(WBAY) - The snow put a pretty good coat on the cars but it didn't result in a lot of accumulation Friday night.

wet roads

The driving conditions seemed pretty good as we drove around primary roads in Green Bay, but you could find slick spots on bridges and overpasses and secondary roads.

Green Bay Public Works Director Steve Grenier said they had a plan in place all week to deal with a significant snowfall, possibly the first this year.

Thursday and Friday they had their trucks out to spread salt-water brine on the roads.

Since the snow wasn't sticking, the city wasn't planning to get out the blades and plows -- Grenier told us Thursday he expected more of a spreading event than a plowing one -- but he said the city crews are ready if the weather changes and they need to use a stronger brine to keep the roads safe.

"Our first line of defense is brine and salt," Grenier said, "but that is only effective down to about 20-15 degrees. By the time you hit that, you are literally throwing money on the road, it's not doing anything. As we start getting into cold temps, we look at substances we put into our brine, so we will go to custom blends."

Drivers are still reminded to give themselves extra time to reach their destination -- slower but safer.

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