Winneconne seeks to fill pharmacy hole left by Shopko closure

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WINNECONNE, Wis. (WBAY)- The number of small towns in Northeast Wisconsin to lose its only pharmacy is growing.

This after Shopko's announcement last week that the company is closing more stores, including pharmacies in our area.

Shopko abruptly closed the pharmacy inside its Winneconne store on Thursday, even though the store will remain open until May for shoppers.

This leaves village residents without a pharmacy to fill their prescriptions locally.

"We actually had several people in tears, yeah. There was a lot of great concern," said the store's former pharmacist, Jackie Nalvach.

Nalvach has a good understanding of the void left behind, which is why she's personally working on a solution.

"I'm planning to partner with Hometown Pharmacy to open a pharmacy here in Winneconne, hopefully within a few months," added Nalvach.

Right now the closest pharmacy is either a 10-minute drive to Omro or 15-minute drive to Oshkosh.

In the winter with unpredictable weather, that's not ideal.

Winneconne Village Administrator Mitchell Foster said, "For us, a pharmacy can be kind of a gathering place for the community, an easy access point for older adults, families to be able to get access to good prescription drugs and good advice from the pharmacist there. So not having one makes it very difficult for them to get that expert advice."

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