Winneconne pharmacy opens to fill hole left by Shopko closure

Winneconne Hometown Pharmacy (WBAY photo)
Winneconne Hometown Pharmacy (WBAY photo)(WBAY)
Published: Jun. 17, 2019 at 8:06 PM CDT
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Winneconne once again has a local pharmacy.

Since February, residents have had to travel elsewhere to fill prescriptions after Shopko announced it would close, leaving the community without any other option.

As the Shopko stores that are still open prepare to close, the former pharmacy manager of the Winneconne location celebrated a grand opening Monday that's expected address a major need within the community.

"In February, when we learned that the pharmacy would be closing, the Shopko, there was a lot of concerned people in Winneconne," said owner and pharmacist said Jackie Nalbach, "and I really wanted to continue serving the people of Winneconne, so I reached out to Hometown Pharmacy and we agreed to form a partnership,"

Winneconne was one of several communities in Northeast Wisconsin that depended on Shopko as its only pharmacy.

The closure left residents having to buy either online or travel outside the area.

Jeff Kovatch of Winneconne said, "We had to start out by driving to Neenah to get our meds, then we got our meds transferred over to Oshkosh, which was a little bit closer, but still, when you need something they're within a short drive for us now. It's fantastic."

The old Shopko store which is now closed is just down the street from where the new pharmacy is now.

They had a soft opening on June 3 with limited hours. Monday was the first full day of business.

"It's really great to see what a nice place they have here now that they're finally open and it's just convenient for me," said Lee Burton of Winneconne.

Nalbach says the store is still building up it's inventory and learning a new system, but those kinks will be worked out.

"I'd say be patient with us, but we're here to serve you," she added.