West De Pere High School team raises awareness about postpartum depression

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) -- After one of their teammates became a teen-mom, a group of West De Pere high school students are raising awareness about postpartum depression with a 5K run/walk.

Katerina Youngworth is a Senior, juggling the responsibilities of finishing high school, a job, extracurricular activities and being a teen mom.

“When I let everyone know that I had the baby, everyone was like very supportive, which was shocking to me because…I feel like some people would react badly to that.”

Katerina's parents and her Destination Imagination (DI) teammates have embraced her and her daughter Katelyn, who is now 12 months old.

The team is using Katerina’s experience with pregnancy, to raise awareness about postpartum depression.

“When I first had my child, one of my teachers talked to me about mental health, she was like, make sure you're okay too, not just your child.”

Fortunately, Katerina didn't have problems with the mood disorder, but the White Hot Chocolate 5k will serve as the Destination Imagination team's outreach project.

“Project outreach is where you find a need in your community and you find a way to fix it, bring awareness to it, or help it,” said Hanna Skubal, also a Senior on the DI team.

“It's purely an awareness run, we're not doing any sort of profit or registration for it,” said Olivia Rein, a teammate. “White is the color of awareness for postpartum depression, so that’s why we have the white hot chocolate, we’re planning on having white chocolate chip cookies.”

The team will later create a skit, using their experience of hosting a 5k and what they learned about postpartum depression, which will be performed at competitions against other destination imagination teams.

“You perform the skit in front of judges and you get scored and then you can move on to state or Globals,” said Katerina.

The 5k will be held Sunday, November 11 at Green Isle Park in Allouez. No registration is required.

For more information about postpartum depression, click here.