Weather safety is a priority at Lambeau Field 5K

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 11:29 PM CDT
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Before Friday night's storms, the danger was the heat and humidity.

The hot weather led to several cancellations this week, including Friday evening's 1K Kids Run at Lambeau Field. It was the first time the event had to be canceled, but the 5K run/walk is still on for Saturday morning.

"Children are just not able to regulate their temperature as well as adults are, so we in that regards had to cancel it for that," Roland Schmidt, medical coordinator for Bellin Health, said.

No matter what your running preference is, there's no arguing Saturday morning's run is going to be a hot one.

"Nobody looks forward to the heat, this kind of heat," Paul Steckart of De Pere said.

"I like running when it's hot anyway, so it doesn't bother me too much," Craig Carpenter, a runner from Indiana, told us.

"We're still asking participants to slow down and enjoy the day, don't make this a PR event for themselves, try to really enjoy the event," Schmidt said.

Schmidt said they've added a few items to the race to make sure participants stay cool.

"We have additional misting stations at all of our aid stations. We've added additional misting stations at the finishing area. We have additional medical staff that will be joining us for the medical tent," he said.

They're also preparing several ice baths to help anyone who does overheat.

"Any time you have heat and humidity that's at this level, heat illness can come about very quickly," Schmidt said.

With temperatures forecast near 80 degrees at race time, race officials are asking neighbors who live along the course to put sprinklers and hoses by the curb to help the runners.

"Our neighbors are great in the area. We ask them again, if they can come out with their sprinklers, enjoy the time out there, participate with the participants," Schmidt said.

Runners picking up their race packets Friday night said they're ready.

"I've been drinking water all day long today. Not so much the morning of the race because then you're pretty much ready, your body should be ready. And I've been running in the heat, so I'm pretty much used to it," Steckart said.

"You just pour water on your head. That's what you do," Laure Carpenter from Indiana said. "You just keep pouring water on your head and just take it slow because it's crazy."

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