Weather is ripe for roof collapses

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - The Ye Old Goat in Oshkosh, a vintage market, is the latest victim of winter weather. Its roof collapsed over the weekend, causing significant damage to the building. The White Lake Volunteer Fire Department building in Langlade County sustained the same fate, when its roof collapsed onto emergency response vehicles.

From the Ye Old Goat in Oshkosh, to the White Lake Volunteer Fire Department the weight of the snow on the roof of the two buildings has proven too much this year.

"Especially now we had snow and a little melt and freeze, then snow and a little melt and freeze you can get really heavy layers up there which is why you're seeing buildings have problems," says Shannon Alberts, the owner of Security-Luebke Roofing

He believes the weather this winter a perfect storm for collapses like these. And with rain in the forecast, now more then ever, he's encouraging people to check their roofs and gutters for snow and ice buildup.

Alberts adds, "You should kind of keep your eves clean because snow dams are what kind of cause a lot of the internal leaking problems. Where your gutter is in the weakest part of your roof, so keep that area clean."

Just because the two roof collapses happened, doesn't mean the one on your home is going to cave in too. Alberts says flat roofs are more susceptible to collapses as opposed to peak one. And of the peak ones that do collapse, he believes an unusual circumstance like a really large drift or an extremely old home are more than likely the cause.

A structural engineer will be brought in to examine the roof of the Ye Old Goat, since the owner tells us there was no signs anything was wrong. And while the business is closed until further notice, the owner knows things could have been much worse.

Meghan Keller says, "As much as it's hard to see and it's hard to deal with, we're just all trying to be patient for each other and help each other through it. Realizing, in the big picture, it's all replaceable stuff."