We Care Meals serves free and fresh meals to hundreds

Published: Dec. 25, 2019 at 1:44 PM CST
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Many gather to celebrate a variety of different traditions on Christmas day, but most people can agree this time of year is about giving and thanks.

The “We Care Meals Group” is taking advantage of the holiday by making sure the less fortunate get to have a holiday they can remember.

Ed Rathsack, the coordinator of We Care Meals Group says doing this good deed has become his ultimate Christmas tradition


“Being that cooking is something that we like to do, it’s come real easy for us to cook food and bring them all down and let them sit and talk.”

Over 200 volunteers worked to give the gift of a fresh meal with a side of compassion to those in need. Rathsack says many times the elderly will take part of the tradition, as well as people who have had recent family or friend pass.

Volunteers help serve meals, have conversations, and will even deliver hand - deliver the meals to people’s homes.

Volunteers look forward to the event all year long. Melissa Suttner is a volunteer who says she enjoys putting smiles on people’s faces if they are alone for the holidays.

Kaaliyah Waldrop volunteered as well, agreeing that it is a heartwarming experience: “It’s a good experience to see that I have all these things in my life and then these people aren’t able to have as many things as we do. But they still come to enjoy what they gave when they have it.”

This year, the group faced the possibility of no longer being able to keep its meals going. However, generous donors came forward to cover the costs.

Hundreds were fed, and it was proven that a fresh meal with a smile can go a long way.

Rathsack says giving back to the community makes him feel like the Christmas message of helping others is complete.

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