Waupaca nursing home says coronavirus outbreak isolated after two deaths

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 6:15 AM CDT
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A nursing home community in Waupaca says it has isolated a recent coronavirus outbreak.

Bethany, 1226 Berlin St, lost two residents to COVID-19.

In total, eight residents and four staff tested positive for coronavirus.

One resident made a full recovery. Two residents passed away.

"They were both loved by all that knew them. Many staff are still mourning their passing," says Bethany's Ann Knight.

Covid-19 Update

Here is a follow up to our Covid-19 Media Release from June 11th.

Posted by Bethany on Friday, June 12, 2020

Knight posted

to clear up online rumors about the outbreak and thank the community for support.

Knight also took on people who have attacked the nursing home in online comments.

"Some people think it's OK to make rude comments online about nursing homes or spread untrue rumors. I challenge those people to spend a day doing God's work and caring for the sick and elderly," said Knight.

Bethany conducted a second round of coronavirus testing last Wednesday. Knight says the Assisted Living apartments are clear of coronavirus. The Community Based Residential Facilities and the new nursing home building are also free of COVID-19.

Staff members have come back negative in the second round of testing.

Knight says the home is waiting for test results in the section of the nursing home where they've isolated the outbreak.

Knight stresses that Bethany is a large community with several buildings and the staff have been able to isolate the spread to one area.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says 42 percent of statewide deaths by group housing happened in long-term care facilities.

DHS lists nursing homes with active public health investigations.

to view that list and a breakdown of cases.

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