Washington Middle School leaders meet with parents about safety in the school

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- The Green Bay Area Public School District gave parents and staff a chance to chime in about safety concerns at Washington Middle School and where they think things should go from here.

Washington MS parents

The district has brought in a third party to the school, CESA 7 an educational service agency, that is helping the school come up with a plan moving forward.

They take suggestions from staff and parents and pass them onto the school who can process the feedback and come up with a strategy.

"We're going to take it and categorize it into themes, and then we'll present those themes to the school board as well as the administration and then it will be up to them on how they will share it out to the parents and the staff," said Jeffrey Dickert, Administrator of CESA 7 Agency.

The school Principal, Dennis Christensen, says the focus of Monday's meeting is to get those suggestions from parents and staff.

The school hired an associate principal and wants to add a new counselor and three teachers.

Christensen says they want to come up with a strategy that will be used at all Green Bay Public Schools.

"It's really a combination of multi facets, one is positive adults working with students and working with staff; the other part is making sure we have procedures and policies in place that promote behavior and we teach those expectations to students," said the Principal.

Some parents aren't worried about sending their kids back to the school in the fall.

One dad said his daughter has had a good experience at the middle school.

"She never felt unsafe here at school, she felt like school was the place where she went to get her education," said Stephen Engels, parent of a soon-to-be 7th grader.

However, Sara Anderson thinks the school can do better at communicating. She says she's disappointed action was not taken sooner.

"I think the parents have a lot to do with it, but to blame the parents and the kids completely; as a parent I bring her to school and I expect her to be in school learning and being safe and now I don't know if I trust that because that's obviously not what's happening here," said Anderson.

A plan adding new procedures will be presented to the Board of Education at the August 7 meeting.