Walleye fishing on the big bay

BAY OF GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - You don't have to go far to experience the bounty of walleye fishing in the Bay of Green Bay. I recently set out with Epic Guide Service and captain Jake Kaprelian, to fill our boat with delicious fish.

Fishing guide Jake Kaprelian holds a 24-inch walleye caught on the bay of Green Bay before throwing it back (WBAY photo)

Jake found a prime position, let out the lines and waited. It didn't take too long before we started to get bites left and right.

"Twenty-four incher," Jake showed us. "A perfect example of a 24-inch fish that is fun to catch, and they are perfect spawners, so in my boat we don't keep anything over 21, even though we are allowed to legally. We'll just let him go. See you later."

Soon after, "Oh, we've got another. This is a perfect example of a Green Bay Walleye. Tim has got another one here, and then we have another one on the board over there," Jake said.

"There have been several times today where we have had four or five fish on at the same time. We are getting a lot of shorts -- 14, 14-and-a-half inches -- and we are throwing those back, obviously. We are getting some nice eaters mixed in, too. We are having a fun day out here, and of course are getting the sheepshead, too."

"We did catch one monster. I don't know what, that one probably weighed 20 to 25 lbs. It was one of the bigger sheepshead that I have seen in a long time."

You get some controlled chaos. Better bring the big net.

"That's a nice walleye. Bring him over here. There you go! That's a Green Bay pig right there. That's pushing 29 inches probably. Nice fat, healthy fish."

Did anyone want a picture of it? Of course!

"Green Bay is obviously, some people know it, some people don't, but it is one of the best fisheries in the country and in the world in my opinion. A lot of people go to Lake Erie, and right here in our backyard we have one of the best walleye fisheries and muskie fisheries," Jake said.

We just put a couple eaters in the boat here. We are dealing with flat, calm, conditions here on the bay. But we are still catching some fish. Tim is hooked up and we are going to get these in the live well and get another one.

Mid-July into August is definitely the best fishing of the year. I call it Hog-ust. We have a really good time catching big fish. There is a good bite where we can catch mixed in eaters and big fish at the same time. It's what we, as guides, look forward to all year long. It is a great time to bring the family out, and bring people out that aren't necessarily hard-core fishers. But if the bite is good, it's not uncommon to go through 20 or 30 fish in a day.

A special thanks to Captain Jake for hosting us. You can check out his hauls on Instagram, search epicguideservice or go online to epicguideservice.com.