WPS sees a surge in utility scam calls

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Target 2 Consumer Alert: Wisconsin Public Service is warning businesses and home customers about scam phone calls again, after more than 100 complaints in the past 24 hours.

Most of the calls were received in the Green Bay area.

The caller claims to be a WPS or utility company employee and threatens to disconnect the power right away if they aren't paid.

They fake the Caller ID and even use a recording of the WPS greeting.

WPS says one business was tricked into paying hundreds of dollars.

These scammers may demand payment using prepaid cards like Green Dot cards or MoneyPak. Some ask for personal or financial information.

WPS says it will never ask for payment in a threatening manner or require payment with prepaid cards. If you were really facing disconnection of services, you would receive repeated warnings from the utility.

If you receive a suspicious call like this, notify your local utility.

WPS urges customers to call its 24-hour customer service line toll-free, 1-800-450-7260. A real WPS employee can verify if the utility tried to reach out to you and check whether your account is in good standing.