WIC services available for families hit by economic hardship during coronavirus outbreak

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Women, Infants and Children Program--also known as WIC--is getting the word out about services for families during the coronavirus pandemic.

Courtesy: WIC

Some families have lost income due to stay-at-home orders and layoffs. Millions of people are filing for unemployment.

Families who are interested in WIC need to make an appointment by phone.

CLICK HERE for WIC contact information for the Green Bay area.

CLICK HERE to find a Wisconsin WIC office near you.

One of the services offered by WIC is a monthly food package with milk, formula, yogurt, cheese, eggs and whole grains.

The N.E.W. Community Clinic in Green Bay says calls to the office have increased during the coronavirus outbreak. One local WIC provider had 85 appointments in one day.

"Given the environment that we're in right now, a lot of individuals qualify and we would love to help them, put them on WIC, to give them nutritional food at this time when they really do need it," says Bonnie Kuhr, CEO, N.E.W. Clinic.

WIC benefits are loaded on a card that looks like a debit card.

Again, CLICK HERE to find a Wisconsin WIC office near you.