Volunteer disaster response group, Team Rubicon learn chainsaw safety in Appleton

Team Rubicon practice chainsaw safety in Appleton
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APPLETON, Wis. A volunteer disaster response organization called "Team Rubicon" did chainsaw safety training in Appleton Sunday.

More than a dozen Team Rubicon members coming from six Midwest states learned the ins and outs of chainsaw operation in order to prepare for future missions. Since the organization's founding in 2010, Team Rubicon has gone on more than 215 global operations, operating heavy machinery, cleaning debris and helping with flood relief.

"Everything ranging from incident management to debris management, spontaneous volunteer management and chainsaw operations, which is what we're working on today," said Adam Lemons, Wisconsin Operations Coordinator, Team Rubicon.

About 75 percent of Team Rubicon members are military veterans.

"We leverage the skills of the military to give our members a sense of community, a sense of purpose and a mission back by re-integrating military veterans back into their communities," said Lemons.

Team Rubicon members are cutting down trees that are unsafe and damaged, this in turn will provide them valuable skills they can take in chainsaw operations. Clearing up the storm damaged trees at ThedaCare’s Heritage Peabody Senior Facility made the wooded trail safer for residents.

The training focused on chainsaw maintenance, operation and most importantly safety.

"The energy out here is really positive and we definitely hope to use that when the next signal for help comes up we'll be ready to respond that much safer," said Lemons.

Lemons hopes the chainsaw training session will make the volunteers feel better prepared in the event of a disaster.