Hortonville vocalist set to perform debut album in Appleton

Published: Dec. 11, 2019 at 5:24 PM CST
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A Los Angeles based vocalist originally from Hortonville just released her debut album combining her love for both jazz and country music.

After quite a few years being away she's back home getting back in touch with her roots.

Publicist turned vocalist Staci Griesbach was in her old stomping grounds on Wednesday with Mr. Forton her former high school band teacher.

“My first real kind of bite to performing was when I was a co-narrator [in a musical] and that was the first musical here in this auditorium,” said Griesbach.

The small town Hortonville girl who grew up on a farm has come a long way since then, now touring and bringing to life her debut album titled "My Patsy Cline Songbook," a tribute album presented in jazz and contemporary style.

“We have to push them away eventually, and we teach them the ability, we give them the incentive, but eventually you have to push them out of the nest and watch them fly and she has absolutely soared, so it's going to be fun watching her,” said Greg Forton, Music/Band Director at Hortonville High School.

Rolling Stone Country call's Griesbach’s album "gorgeous." She's excited to get in front of fans here in Northeast Wisconsin this Friday.

“This Friday we'll be at Outer Edge in Appleton, which is right off of Oneida Street near College Avenue, and I'm fortunate enough to be playing with the John Harmon trio,” said Griesbach.

for ticket information.

Griesbach said she is grateful for people like Mr. Forton and an education that included the arts because it set a foundation for her success today.

“This is where I started my dream of performing, and so to come back after 20 years with my first debut album, and perform here in Appleton, it's like a dream come true,” said Griesbach.