Visitors take advantage of Titletown District winter park amenities on game day

The new ice skating rink at the Titletown District opened on Thursday

GREEN BAY, Wis. People at Titletown District's new winter park may have been outside of the stadium during the game Sunday, but that doesn't mean they weren't having just as much fun.

The winter park at Titletown District opened Thursday, featuring a new ice skating rink, new bistro, event space and the launch of the inaugural “Winter Jubilee." Sunday is the first home game since the ribbon cutting. The park was busy before the game started, but even after kickoff, dozens of visitors stuck around to enjoy the new features.

"I love all the playground equipment, somebody was telling me that it's designed to strengthen all the core muscles for kids I love the way they play on it, it's fun, it's good for them, it’s really nice, but I really like the skating rink and I haven't skated in a long time and it was really fun," said Nancy Daniels, who visited for the first time since the rink opened.

"I'm loving the kid friendly flooring to be honest, they can run around, fall and not hurt themselves and the kids are just loving the unique gym equipment," said Brittany Grosskopf, a park visitor from Oshkosh.

The Titletown District winter park visitors say one of their favorite things about the park is being able to hear exactly what's going on inside the stadium on game day. While Daniels enjoyed the park with her family, she was still able to keep tabs on her favorite team.

"It was nice to kind of listen to the game at the same time that we're over here and we saw the fireworks go over it and it's very nice listening to the score," Daniels said.

Titletown District's winter park also has a tubing hill, but it won't be open until it snows, and now visitors can't wait for the flakes to fall.

"Everything's just fabulous, I cannot believe how well it has come together and the skating rink is spectacular and that hill once that opens it's just going to be so nice and even all of the playground equipment for the kids, oh it's just wonderful," said Daniels.

"I live a block away so we come here probably almost every weekend so we came last night and saw the light show and saw how busy the ice skate rink was and love that this is in our backyard," said Diane Ginnow, park visitor.