Vigil in Manitowoc remembers George Floyd and others who died in police custody

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 9:09 PM CDT
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A vigil was held Wednesday night in Manitowoc where people took time to remember George Floyd and question what they can do to stop racism.

We've seen events like this in many bigger cities but now smaller communities like Manitowoc are stepping up to address issues of racism and police brutality in light of what happened with Floyd, knowing no place is exempt.

On the steps of city hall hundreds of people gathered with many holding signs, and others wearing shirts demanding change.

Mayor Justin Nickels said,"There are people who do not feel like they are equal citizens to others and that's wrong. As leaders, I need to be out here to support each and every one of my citizens no matter their color, no matter their gender, no matter their love."

The event also included the reading of several names to highlight those who've died in police custody.

"This is an opportunity for people to see how multi generational oppression of African Americans and how we're viewed in society kind of rears it's ugly head," said Michael Ethridge, Executive Director of The Haven of Manitowoc County, a homeless shelter for men.

Just hours earlier charges were filed against the remaining three police officers who didn't step in to assist Floyd.

Organizers applauded that decision.

Pastor Matt Sauer of the Manitowoc Cooperative Ministry said,"When there's injustice somewhere, there's injustice right here and we have our own problems and they don't get magnified like the big cities but we need to be able to say that as America we need to say no to hatred, we need to say no to racism, we need to say no to white supremacy. We need to say yes to every citizen, to let them know they are here, they are heard."

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