Vigil in Chilton held to raise awareness of domestic abuse

Published: Oct. 2, 2017 at 9:30 PM CDT
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October is domestic violence awareness month-- and Monday night a number of people gathered in Chilton for a candle light vigil to reflect on the cause and honor those who've died.

As many held candles during a vigil, outside the Calumet Medical Center the victims of domestic violence were kept in mind----and even a few, had personal stories to share like Elizabeth Rodriguez who now calls herself a survivor.

"It's hard, to make the decision, but you can do it. At least I have my job, my children be okay, I live in peace, so it's hard, I understand why the people don't want, but as a woman, I say I can do it," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez told her story before a crowd of people.

She received help from Harbor House, which has a domestic abuse shelter in Appleton and outreach program in Chilton.

"It's a pretty big issue. A lot of time it goes unreported. We prosecute about 125 cases per year but we know that there's more than that in the community,' said Melissa Giebel, Calumet Co. Outreach Coordinator for Harbor House.

According to event organizers last year one person in the state every five days died as a result of domestic violence. That's why events like this are used as constant reminders.

Because most victims of domestic violence are women--- there's also an effort to encourage men to speak up especially around their peers.

Shannon Kenevan of Voice of Men said, "Traditionally men have not been very engaged in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention. They're often considered women's issues, and we're trying to change that to get men engaged in it."