Video shows prison fight involving Jayme Closs kidnapper

NEW MEXICO (WBAY) - We're getting a look at the prison fight involving the man who kidnapped Jayme Closs.

Video from New Mexico Corrections shows Jake Patterson (on the balcony, in darker clothes) and another inmate fighting on August 28, 2019.

Jake Patterson was convicted of kidnapping the 13-year-old girl after killing her parents in Barron County last fall.

In July, he was transferred from a prison in Wisconsin to New Mexico. That's where, in August, he reported got into a fight after another inmate asked Patterson about his case.

In the video, you can see Patterson, in the dark prison clothes with his back to the camera, talking to another inmate.

Seconds into the video, it appears the conversation gets heated. At 50 seconds, the other inmate steps forward like he's going to punch Patterson. Patterson pushes him away then takes a swing.

While they tussle, throwing punches, a guard in the upper right corner of the video fires what appears to be a bean bag shotgun at the two prisoners. They break off. Patterson raises his hands in the air, and both men lay down on the floor.

Patterson is serving two life sentences for the murders plus 40 years for the kidnapping. The prison where he's being held has not been identified.

Records show Patterson was disciplined at Dodge Correctional in Waupun for threatening to punch an inmate there.