Vets for Vets Program at UWGB Hosts Veterans Forum

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GREEN BAY Wis. (WBAY) - Many veterans aren't aware of the benefits extended to them after their service.

The Vets for Vets program at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay held a veterans forum Friday to help.

"I do use the Veterans Affairs hospital for my treatments and stuff, but that's about all I know of what's available out there for me,” Veteran Richard Wetmiller said.

Wetmiller served in the Marine Corps for 22 years.

Like many veterans, he never knew the different benefits he had.

"We do have a lot of resources,” Vets for Vets Vice President Amanda Gasper said. “They’re not only for veterans but for spouses and dependents. We’re filling them in on the different organizations that they're eligible for."

"We have all these organizations that are there to answer any questions,” Vets for Vets event coordinator Ryan Laquin said. “They have handouts, fliers and all types of information that will help this next generation and anybody that's just uncertain about what they have available."

Laquin said women and post-9/11 veterans are often less aware of their benefits.

"When the older generation decided to leave military service, they actually took on roles of working for these organizations, and they're pretty much networking it out to the younger generation,” Laquin said.

Wetmiller is happy he was able to receive new information and encourages veterans to go out and learn more.

“It's very appreciating and I’m sure the other veterans sitting in there are excited about it to,” Wetmiller said.

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