Veterans celebrate anniversary of Oshkosh High/West Veterans Honor Hall

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) -- When the Veterans Honor Hall at Oshkosh West High School first opened on 2017, there were 1,586 names.

One year later, there are more than 2,687 names.

“These are more than just names, there are people from our community who served and we want to know their history and their story,” said Andrew Schaller, creator of the Veterans Honor Hall.

That's why a kiosk is now in the hallway to help people look up a specific service member.

“You can actually go in and look for the person, find their pictures, newspaper clippings, documents, that we have had submitted to us,” said Schaller.

Schaller is also teaches social studies at the high school and is a veteran himself, who served in the National Guard.

Veterans celebrated one year of the honor hall with a wreath laying ceremony.

“We've done something that many people haven't done,” said Ralph Nielsen, an Army veteran. His name is on the wall and he also has his own history with the high school.

“I taught here a number of years ago and it's always nice to see changes like that wall, the honor wall. The work they put into that and to see the guys out there and their relatives, wives and so forth, looking up their names and taking pictures; I think that's neat,” said Nielsen.

Others like Duane Canon, who served in the Air Force hope to see the hall expand.

“I wish more of the veterans that have attended Oshkosh High and West would get their names up on there too,” said Canon.

That's where the community is being asked to step in and help.

“We need more help to find these names because I can't just go and get the names from nowhere. So, I need the family members to help,” said Schaller.

Click here to learn how to submit a veteran's name to be displayed in the hall.