Vendors and visitors react to changes to Broadway Farmer's Market

Broadway Farmer's Market moves to Leicht Park.
Broadway Farmer's Market moves to Leicht Park.(WBAY)
Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 9:06 PM CDT
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The Broadway Farmer’s Market will look a little different this summer.

It’s being held at Leicht Memorial Park to give vendors enough space to sell their essential products.

The park allows organizers to keep track of the number of attendees.

Event staff were allowing 600 people into the park at a time.

“I think it's smart, I think it's great there's a limit on how many people can come in. It's great they are still having it and making it open to the people that choose to come here,” said Aubrey Wygralak of Green Bay.

“I'm just glad that they went ahead and continued on with the farmer's market where there's so many events that are being canceled,” said Cynthia Rinaudo of De Pere.

There were about 70 vendors at Wednesday’s market.

All we lined up in rows facing one direction, some even had protective plastic around the booths.

“We got the salad bar sneeze guard in front of our booth now. Our customers aren't allowed to touch any of our products, that was a rule that the farmer's market made,” said Christine Kocourek of Floppy Ear Farm.

The market is an important event for Kocourek’s business, but right now, she's only allowed to sell soaps.

“We're not allowed to sell our other products like our goat milk lotion or our lip balm,” said Kocourek. “I'm happy the farmer's market is open, but like any small business owner, it's difficult to keep things running. My goats keep milking every day, even though I can't sell everything I need to sell and still go home and feed everybody.”

There were no hot food vendors, live music, or places for people to sit to help encourage social distancing.

Despite the changes, other vendors say they were excited to see their customers face-to-face.

“We can ask questions directly and it's just a good way to build that rapport with our communities and our customers,” said Michelle Wucki of Soup and Dipity.

Organizers say at this point they’re not sure when the market will be back on Broadway.

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