UPDATE: Fond du Lac High School's python has been found

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Fond du Lac High School's missing three-foot python has been found.

On Twitter, the high school wrote they found Kai Friday night. However, we still don't know where they found the snake.

Fond du Lac High School tweet says, "Quick update!!! Kai the snake has been found and is now safely back home!!"

Kai escaped his cage at the high school sometime over the Labor Day weekend.

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The search continues at Fond du Lac High School for a missing three foot python which escaped from its cage sometime over the Labor Day weekend.

The missing ball python is almost identical to another one held by snake expert Steve Keller during a visit to Action 2 News.

"They usually go somewhere warm or somewhere small, so they don't like wide open spaces, and they like heat,' said Keller, who operates Steve Keller's Traveling Snake Show based in Menasha.

According to school principal Matt Steinbarth, the python, which goes by the name Kai, escaped on its very first night being kept in a classroom cage.

While its whereabouts remain a mystery, some clues have been found.

"We did see that there's slither marks that are in that, that ventilation system that goes out to the roof, and now we just have to start taking apart the ventilation system itself in that particular room to see where it's curled up and hiding," added Steinbarth

As well, some traps have been set which the school says won't harm the snake if it's caught.

Steinbarth mentioned, "Also, it is a nocturnal snake, so it, we don't expect to see it during the day."

The school says the snake that escaped was a family pet of an instructor. The snake has no history of harming anyone or striking out.

Keller says that's actually pretty typical of ball pythons, so there's no need for anyone inside the school to be overly concerned.

"Don't panic. There's absolutely nothing to worry about. When you find him, it will probably be curled up somewhere warm. Don't be surprised if he shows up in a desk drawer or something. I mean, they can get into anything," he said.