UWO GO provides new safe ride option for Oshkosh students

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh's student association and campus police teamed up to create a new safety service for students. Similar to a safe ride program, it’s only a couple months old - but it’s already a hit.

"In our case it's been working really well,” said UW-Oshkosh Community Service Officer Samuel Brahm.

UWO GO is a new app service provided by campus police and funded by the Oshkosh Student Association.

"It's kind of like an Uber for campus,” said Captain of UW-Oshkosh Police Christopher Tarmann.

Students or employees can use the feature on the UWO app to order a free ride - so long as it's within the UWO Go boundaries (VIEW HERE). Since it launched in November, more than 2,000 rides have been given.

"If you compare that to our safe walk program, safe ride program we've probably maxed out over a year, a one year period, at about 1,200 rides,” said Tarmann. “So we've doubled that number in about two months, two and a half months. So that's pretty good."

"During the regular semester I could have anything up to about 40 - 50 people a night,” said Brahm.

Tarmann believes the new program is more successful because now a phone call isn't required, so students are more trusting they won't get into trouble using the service.

"This really removes any of that consideration because you do it through an app, you don't have to talk to us, and then when you get in the van. Nobody's questioning what you're doing, they just want to get you to the next location,” said Tarmann.

"Everybody likes it. Even though they may be waiting a little bit, people are still happy that we come and get them because they're safer, any it's an easy mode of transportation for them,” said Brahm.

Providing that extra bit of safety is the ultimate goal of the program.

"We just want to take them out of that unsafe transition back to campus, and get them into a space where we know they're going to get back safely,” said Tarmann.

For more information on the program's operation hours and rules CLICK HERE.