Tyco announces it will pay full cost for a new water sytem

Published: Mar. 13, 2019 at 10:39 PM CDT
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It’s been a year since we first told you about dozens of families in the Town of Peshtigo drinking bottled water because their wells tested positive for contamination.

A report showed that contaminates from a firefighting foam, manufactured nearby at Tyco Fire Protection Products were being found in people's drinking water.

On Wednesday, Tyco announced it will pay the full cost for a municipal water system within contaminated areas in the Town of Peshtigo.

The costs include engineering studies, the design and construction for the municipal water line.

This will be a two year project that starts now.

Tyco has to work with a few businesses and agencies such as the Wisconsin DNR to make sure the water supply is effective and meets standards.

People in the crowd did not want to comment on camera, but told Action 2 News they had questions pertaining to the locations of the contaminated water.

During the two year process, officials are going to investigate if the Bay of Green Bay is contaminated as well.

Representatives said the community water line is a good choice for the Town of Peshtigo.

"The reason we support a community water supply is because a community water supply or municipal water supply is the most regulated, the most reliable source of drinking water for the public,” Field Operations Director for drinking water and groundwater, Kyle Burton said.

“It’s a two year process to go through analysis and engineering studies, the location of the waterline and also those approvals by the WDNR, city of Marinette and also the township of Peshtigo,” Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety John Perkins said.

Tyco representatives said they will continue to host these community meetings to keep everyone updated.

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