Two roundabouts set to open Friday in Appleton

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY-TV) A main thoroughfare in Appleton opens up to traffic again on Friday.

The roundabout at Northland Avenue and Richmond Street sees 55,000 vehicles every day.

A second roundabout at county highway JJ and Lightning Drive is also set to reopen in two days.

Back in July, Action 2 News told you how the closure of one of Appleton's busiest intersections caused concerns in nearby neighborhoods and the Northland Mall parking lot.

"Had increased traffic that has caused some issues in the parking lot,” Northland Mall Property Manager Angie Walker said. “But we're excited that it's about over and going to open on Friday."

That excitement is shared by the City of Appleton.

"This is a really good project from a safety stand-point for the city, for the county,” Appleton Communications Director Chad Doran said. “This is one of the most crash prone intersections in all of Outagamie County and certainly in the city as well."

Appleton says the roundabout opening at county highway JJ and Lighting Drive is important because it’s a part of the city that's growing.

"That corridor of the growth area of the city, it's where a lot of the general growth is on the north side of Appleton," said Doran.

"We have to be cognizant of the growth and where people want to be living,” Outagamie County Highway Commissioner Dean Steingraber said. “Because it brings a lot of vehicles, then you've got build a road and intersections."

The roundabout's location is near Appleton North High School.

It's good timing as classes start on Tuesday.