Two Green Bay middle schools face off to tackle local hunger

GREEN BAY, Wis. Two Green Bay middle schools are going head to head and tackling local hunger with a game of football

The 4th annual Fight the Hunger Football Game was held Saturday evening at Green Bay West High School. The event is not just a football game, in fact Franklin Middle School Football Coach, Jeason Thomas, says there’s actually two games going on.

"So we have a competitive game between both Franklin and Edison but we also have the competition between both schools to see who can raise the most food to donate to our local pantry," said Thomas.

On Friday both Franklin and Edison Middle School Football teams got together to share a team meal.

"All the boys got together, had a good time and enjoyed the meal but we talked about the purpose of what this event was for to help out many of our people in our local community who financially or physically can't help themselves and may need a little added help, this is what this event is for," Thomas adds.

Last year the Fight the Hunger Football Game collected more than 500 pounds of food. Thomas says the event continues to grow every year and he eventually wants to set the food donation goal to 2,000 pounds.

This year is Edison Middle School’s first time participating in the Fight the Hunger game.

“Well I think football is a great game, but it also teaches our boys a lot of life lessons and it's about working hard and working together as a team so I think that just builds them as young men," said Matt Krueger, Edison Middle School Football Coach.

"Our goal is to always have a Fight the Hunger game versus another Green Bay school because it's a cause that we're trying to help here in our district, we want all of our schools and the students to be a part of it," said Thomas.

After the game the teams immediately helped load up cars to drop off the food to a local food pantry.