Truck drivers struggle in wind storm

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - A wind storm knocked down tree branches and power lines, requiring Wisconsin Public Service crews to go up in bucket trucks in the strong wind and restore power to 19,000 customers.

The storm also posed problems to the people who drive semi trucks for a living.

Authorities issued warnings to all drivers to be especially careful on overpasses and bridges, including the I-43 Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay. Drivers were advised to slow down to 45, while higher-profile vehicles such as semis with trailers were asked to avoid the Leo Frigo Bridge altogether.

We spoke to Titletown Express, a local transportation company, about the challenges of driving in extremely gusty wind.

"Sometimes take a trailer and it will move it over and even lift the wheels off the ground," company president Paul Holschuh said.

Holschuh says his drivers use caution by slowing down and, if necessary, pulling over.

He says it's also important for cars around semis to be cautious.

"If you're passing them, don't stay alongside them. That's something they can't control is the wind pushing their trailers over."

We've seen wind push other material out of control. In March, strong winds blew plastic bags from the Outagamie County landfill over three barriers and across Interstate 41 into streets, yards and trees.

That wasn't the case this time around. The landfill tells us it had more time to prepare and it closed Tuesday.

"We were able to prepare all day yesterday for this upcoming event, and we were able to notify all our customers and all our customers, our haulers and our partner counties, that there was a possibility that we may not be accepting material in the landfill today," County Solid Waste Supervisor Bill Long said.

The National Weather Service issued a wind advisory until 6 p.m. Tuesday, but it's expected to remain windy -- just not so windy -- into Wednesday.

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