Trestle Trail shooting survivor speaks at Lifest

Published: Jul. 12, 2018 at 6:19 PM CDT
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A survivor of the 2015 trestle trail bridge shooting is sharing news of big changes in her life.

Erin Stoffel-Ullmer spoke at Lifest Thursday afternoon, the first time we heard from her since the shooting.

Her husband and daughter, Jon and Olivia Stoffel, and another man, Adam Bentdahl, were killed. Erin Stoffel was shot three times but managed to save her other two children.

Police say they were targeted at random before the gunman died by suicide.

Stoffel-Ullmer spoke to a big crowd in a tent at the Christian music festival in Oshkosh. She revealed she remarried two weeks ago, after meeting Steve Ullmer at Lifest last summer. He, too, recently lost his spouse. Together they're now raising six kids.

Stoffel-Ullmer spoke about her recovery and how God helped her move on.

"You think after being shot three times and going through what I did, you'd be more fearful. But I am less fearful, because I've seen His promises and I've experienced His promises, and I felt him in ways that I could never experience before."

After the event- Action 2 News spoke to the couple- and the two say it was their religious faith that not only helped them move on, but brought them together as a family.

"She's got two kids, I've got four so now we have six kids and life is busy and crazy, but we're excited and God has really used her to help heal my heart with the loss of my wife and we're just in shock, that we're married sometimes," said Steve Ullmer.

Erin added, "There's going to be hard things in your life, terrible, terrible hard things but that, just keep moving forward and the only way I've been able to do that is with God in my life."

This is one of only a few times Stoffel-Ullmer has spoken publicly since the shooting.

For the hundreds of people in the audience the story was inspirational.

Kelly Zierath of Madison said,"It was, I just feel like I want to cry right now because I'm so happy for them, but I know they're still having difficulty dealing with the difficulties but it's amazing that they found each other."