Travel agents say business travel most affected by Coronavirus

Published: Feb. 18, 2020 at 9:57 PM CST
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Travelers going through Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport are not too concerned about COVID-19.

“I do go to China, I have gone to China and I've been Wuhan. It doesn't concern me a whole lot,” said Mike Callahan of Green Bay.

Others are more conscious about the flu and are taking precautions.

“Just by practicing good hygiene and making sure I'm coughing in the corner of my elbow or sneezing and washing my hands really good. I really have no concerns,” said Shawn Massey, who is heading to Houston, Texas.

Travel agents at Fox World Travel say business travelers have been most impacted by the outbreak.

“Asia is of course huge for commerce and trade and that kind of a thing, and Fox World Travel really does to do a great deal of business travel. So, that's where we're seeing the most cancellations right now,” said Rose Gray, Business Relations Director for Fox World Travel.

Gray says she's finding many travelers are hesitant about booking a trip or going one they already have planned.

She says the agency has been getting more questions from people asking about what's covered under travel insurance if they do want to cancel a trip.

“A covered reason is going to be death in the immediate family, sickness of you or one of your travel companions, those types of things. Fear of traveling to a destination is not a covered reason in most cases,” said Gray.

One tool international travelers can use to put their minds at ease is

the smart traveler enrollment program.

“If the U.S. government were to send an empty plane, which they are in some cases, to go and get quarantined passengers off of a ship, the government would know where you are,” said Gray.

Gray says they have also been able to work with travel companies to make sure the money you put down on a trip won’t go to waste.

“Maybe you're dealing with a tour company that does more than just Asia, and they're saying alright, we can't give you the money back, but can we put it on a Europe trip or can we put it on another destination,” said Gray. So we're trying to work with the vendors and they're being quite gracious.”

According to the World Health Organization, no new countries have reported cases of Coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

Travel experts say to check the following sites to keep up to date on the latest travel impacts due to the illness:

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