Tornado touches down on Madison's east side

MADISON (WKOW) - A confirmed tornado touched down on Madison's east side Saturday evening and continued to track northeast into Sun Prairie along U.S. Highway 151. The tornado was spotted by police just after 5 p.m. near East Washington Avenue and the National Weather Service issued the warning soon after.

Viewer photos sent to WKOW showed multiple downed trees, damaged roofs and crushed cars. If you see storm damage, please send pictures or videos to

NWS officials will be on site Sunday morning to survey the damage and estimate the tornado's wind speed and track.

Madison Fire Department crews, including the Heavy Urban Rescue Team, are surveying the damages left behind by the tornado, according to a fire department news release.

Several properties have been severely damaged by fallen trees, severed high-voltage power lines and other consequences of the tornado touchdown.

The fire department said damage is concentrated along East Washington Ave. near Wright Street and Ridgeway Aveneu, and northeast near Independence Lane and Anniversary Lane.

At this time, no injuries have been reported, and it is unknown if any residents have been displaced as a result of structural damage to homes.

Residents should call 911 to report any imminent hazards, such as downed live power lines or building collapse, and medical emergencies.