Timber Rattlers need a little help from Mother Nature to prep field for opening day

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GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) - Warmer temperatures have many of us thinking spring, and that means Timber Rattlers baseball season is right around the corner. But, the T-Rats need a little help from Mother Nature to make sure their home stadium is ready for opening day.

The countdown is on, a little more than three weeks until the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers home opener on April 6th. Currently covered in snow, Fox Cities stadium doesn't look like it's ready for baseball season, yet. A very snowy winter left its mark on Neuroscience Group Field.

"Lot of snow, but we do have some time before opening day. Some nice weather coming, so hopefully we're going to melt a lot of this, this week and get back on course," says team president, Rob Zerjav.

What Mother Nature doesn't clear, the team says, it will take care of. They're just hoping for a warm and dry stretch to avoid any additional ice buildup. Zerjav adds, "It's the stands, when you have ice and snow and there's really no easy way. And you're shoveling around individual seats and bleachers and that's the tough part."

The field itself is a slightly different story. Under all of the snow, the majority of the field is unprotected from the elements, but according to Zerjav, a tarp on top of the snow will make clearing the field a little bit easier than the rest of stadium.

He says, "We'll take our rain tarp, we'll turn it upside down, dark side up and we'll place that in the outfield and that actually really warms the ground up and will help to melt some snow as well."

Snow is something the T-Rats deal with often, leading up to opening day. Last year the team not only shoveled ahead of the home opener but also after two feet of snow fell in mid-April. It's typical early season, Mid-West baseball.